• Patient Care

    Facilitating Medical Tourism. Complete Guidance from Start to Finish.

  • Health technology

    Cutting edge technology to solve problems of the future today

  • Health Solutions

    We offer simple and innovative answers to the most complex health needs.

  • Public Health

    Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Health Programs

westpaqHEALTH is a Healthcare coordination platform that creates access to better, more integrated care and enables effective working of professionals across provider boundaries

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Patient Care

Facilitating Medical Tourism. Complete Guidance from Start to Finish.

Facilitating Medical Travel

Facilitating Medical Travel

Let us offer you a developed comprehensive program to access best in class physicians and health care providers. Provide a one-stop service that takes care of all aspects of your needs – Pre & Post-Operative stay arrangement

Physician Consult

Physician Consult. Health Check

Quickly get an experts opinion on your medical condition. Get a personal physician from the UK, US, India, South Africa, Israel etc to oversee your health/ family.

Fertility and Women´s Health

Fertility and Women´s Health

Dedicated to helping couples realize their dream of conceiving a child. Manage all aspects women´s healthcare.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Be a part of our cancer care plan an d receive an unparalleled quality of care from diagnosis through treatment to recovery. Services include prevention, early detection, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and support for people living with cancer and their families

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy with a humane touch. Discover a whole new level of fitness with our fitness guide. We offer a fitness plan that fits you’re your schedule. Get into the rhythm of out fitness plan.

Dietary Consult

Dietary Consult

Get individualized dietary consult tailored towards your lifestyle needs. Join our vast list of clients who receive a monthly dietary plan appropriate for your health condition, culture and geographical location.

Health Technology

Solving tomorrow┬┤s healthcare problems yesterday
Mission of reducing pain, restoring health, and sustaining life.

Medical devices

Westpaq Health is committed to inventing and improving on existing medical technology to meet the modern day health needs that burden the world.

Through collaborative efforts our experience and extensive partnerships are helping transform healthcare worldwide.


Provide electronic-based platforms health care provision including eHealth records, eMedical and telemedicine units, devices and equipment.

Building institutional capacity for eHealth, as well as providing market research and a pull mechanism for eHealth development and implementation, with a special focus on low- and middle-income countries.

Medical Apps & Software Development

Deliver unique mobile health solutions and apps easily adaptable to daily life. Develops secure, flexible, and powerful mobile apps with a strong focus in developing mobile apps for knowledge transfer, medical device sales team.

It is our utmost priority to advance the frontiers of medical science and it is our desire to make this process of medical seamless and effortless.

To put affordable quality healthcare solutions and technology around the world, in the hands of patients

Health Solutions

Leveraging our experience to provide superior care consistently

Topside Medical Support

Topside Medical Support

Enjoy the 24-hour support of our topside medical support for logistics and coordination of cold cases and medical emergencies.

Let our team of medical experts support and guide your on-site medical personnel, in line with the IADC and OSHA guidelines, to achieve the best outcome during patient crises in remote sites onshore and offshore.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

We deliver high quality medical devices and supplies to clients in a timely manner at competitive prices.

Our supply chain epitomises simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Positioned as key players in the health sector, We aspire to be a leader in healthcare technology, ensuring access to advanced medical device

Medical Staffing

Medical Staffing

Westpaq Health coordinates screening and recruitment of medical staff for companies and industries.

We also supply medical staff for companies and institution.

Professional expert teams providing healthcare consult in real-time Patient-centred services. Innovative & realizing Healthcare concepts.

Health Project Management

Health Project Management

Take advantage of our team to plan and execute projects in time and within budget.

Our expertise, resources and delivery methods set us apart..

Most economical yet Exceptional World-Class Treatment. Hospitals Branding & consultancy

We envision developing a new offering of informed users of healthcare services by the development of effective systems at an affordable cost


Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Health Programs

public health services

Public Health screening and surveillance programs

Environmental Health

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Trials (Clinical, Case-control studies, Cohort studies)

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